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The Mistress' Rants

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March 22nd, 2005

11:37 am
Yay! Finally registered for the SAT's, got it in just four days before deadline! Oh, which reminds me, have to turn in CSF (CA scholarship federation) application tomorrow. Eek, I got the thing three weeks ago and I'm turning it in at the very last minute. Typical Deepy, always forgetting and procrastinating.

But, in other news, my cold that I got last week from the Speech competition has gone from losing my voice to now having coughing fits at night and in the morning. Which really sucks for my sister because she sleeps in the same room. It's 1l:30 and I still need to do my history reading. Started registering for this year and I have discovered that junior year is almost over. I'm so scared...one more year and I'll be out! Gone! Hopefully, away from home. Just looking at next year's schedule makes me kind of nausious. Five AP classes, five! I'm going to die. Yup, definately. Times like these, I'm glad my family's poor so we don't have to pay $82 per AP test (I don't even want to calculate the total amount) and they wouldn't want to kill me for being so smart.

Okay, must go do history reading and go to sleep so I can go to zero period and after school practice tomorrow for colorguard. Yay, more rolling around the floor waving a flag around my head. But it's weird, I'm not tired of our show this year (even after 3 months). It's probably because the theme is "Lord of the Rings" and everyone calls me a dork for practically memorizing the music, the books, and the films. Crazy? Me? Nah...just a bit funny in the head. Then again, we all are.
Current Mood: recumbentrecumbent
Current Music: Dido (so very very mellow)

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December 27th, 2004

11:53 pm - ROTK: EE *sqeee!*
I was wondering why no one has made a thread for the ROTK:EE gushing. There must be a thread for that, it's been out for two weeks! So I thought I'd start one. This is also posted on the my livejournal so feel free to leave long comments of why you agree or disagree, or how much you loved it.

*spoilers ahoy!*Collapse )
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: Carole King - Home Again

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July 6th, 2004

12:22 pm - Well, going for a while
I'll be leaving for a week to go to Canada. I have a feeling I'll be bored during the car rides. But, I'm bringing a good collection of CD's so it won't be that bad. I wonder how long it'll take to drive up to Canada, what with all the stops on the way. Hopefully, not that long.

My sister got married on July 4th. It was a wonderful wedding, if abeit tiring. I was one of the bridesmaid and I had two dresses. They were both yellow. One was the traditional Vietnamese long dress that I wore for the morning ceremony. I was the ring bearer (as my new brother-in-law dubbed) since I gave the rings to both the bride and groom. Then, my sister and I wore our western style yellow dress for the night reception. By nighttime, our feet was sore from walking around all day in high heals. My eyes were starting to lose their focus since I was wearing contacts and a pair of fake eye-lashes. I hate the eye-lash curler, it's the devil's contraption! You blink, it's painful, and I cannot not blink. *shudders* Scary.

At the reception, I sang three songs (from which I heard that I sang quite well). Two were in English and one was in Vietnamese. I was incredibly nervous and the Coke really didn't help any. And the sore feet just made it worst. But, finally, the night was over. We left the restaurant at 12, I came home and took off the mask of make-up and the mine-field of bobby pins, showered, and got a good rest (for my eyes and my feet). Now, I don't know whether or not to hug the guy who invented heels for making me taller (when you're 4''9', every additional inch counts), or kill him for hurting my feet. Either way, it was quite beautiful and there are now two more girls in the family to go. Hmmm...maybe I'll elope.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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July 1st, 2004

11:45 am - Kinda scared at the moment...
Well, on Wednesday, I went back to the hospital for my second TB test. For those who don't know, TB is short for tuberculosis and it's a bacterial infection that attacks the lungs and destroys the tissues. It's what Satine died of in Moulin Rouge. A TB best determines if you have it or not (I believe so, though I don't understand why the needle goes into the arm). This time, the needle went in the right arm. Of course, the weird thing this time around is I now have a swelling around the area of injection that I was sure was not there the last time around. So, I'm kind of scared now because if I come back tomorrow and it tests positive, I'll have to get a chest x-ray. And if it comes through and I end up having it, then I'll have to take a pill for six months! So, wish me luck and hope I don't have it because that would suck, really really badly.

In happier news, I saw Shrek 2! Finally, and I must say, it was pretty funny. I just love the parts of Shrek and Fiona's honeymoon, most funny (and disgusting). And, of course, Puss in Boots was so cute. Then, there was lovely Rupert Everitt in a kinda evil, kinda annoying, kinda funny role. I loved the Godmother's rendition of "Holding Out for a Hero," it added so much to the rescue scene. And I get to see it again because my brother-in-law brought it home and I can play it on my computer!

And while on the subject of my computer...*kicks computer* Stupid thing, doesn't burn CD's. Though I did get a heads-up that my sister might be buying me a new one. I'm hoping it's true. *crosses finger* After 6 years, I doubt it's worth it to try saving this old one. *pats computer* I love you, you old thing.
Current Mood: scaredscared
Current Music: Jennifer Saunders - Holding Out for a Hero (Shrek 2 OST)

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June 28th, 2004

11:57 am - Wow...I am so bored
Now, after completing my first real week of summer (no school, sloth, and such) I now realize that I have completely nothing to do. My friends are either on vacation or stuck in summer school or I'm too lazy to call them up. Now, aside from another TB test on Wednesday and a wedding (of which I am a bridesmaid for) on Sunday, I am bored out of my mind. I find myself staying up late and sleeping in until 1 PM. It's not healthy, I know, but it's a good way to get past the days.

Initially, I was planning on volunteering at the hospital (hence the TB test) but it's taking so long to get initialitzed, what with needing a health clearance, setting up hours, and going to orientation (respectively). And not only that, I'm going on vacation for a week (up to Canada so watch out Canadian PPC-ers) soon. It's going to take forever for me to get started and until then, I'll only be able to volunteer for a month, it'll seem. Blah, this sucks.

So, anyone care to share what they are doing to keep themselves occupied now that school is out (for now).
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Evanescence - Understanding

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June 14th, 2004

11:07 am - Yay! I have pictures of my dress...
This is of course, talking about the dress I made for the Renaissance Faire. It's Eowyn's white dress from LOTR and because I have had no prior experience with full-length dress making (everything else has always been hand-sized doll clothes) or with a sewing machine, it seemed the simplest to make. I'll try to get more indepth pictures taken. But for now, this is the best I can do.


I didn't put in the actual metallic belt because there wasn't anything that came close and I didn't want to embroider anything else (considering it took me uncountable hours to completely embroider the floral-patterned neckline). So yes, that is me wearing it, with my friend Kate (who is a fellow LOTR freak and can recite Frodo's scene at Bruinen by heart). Ick, I look terrible. Damn unkempt hair (it's actually longer, mid-waist in the back). And it was cloudy. I had one heck of a time cleaning it, that's for sure. Blah, damn trim wasn't machine-washable so I had to handwash, then put it in the dryer. Oh well, all in all, I think it came out pretty well. I've been working on and off on it, but altogether, it took me about a week. Not bad, methinks.

Fabric (6 yds! I'm glad on short): $24
Trim and thread: $10

Cheaper than your average-sized gown. Maybe one of these days, I can make the shieldmaiden dress. I absolutely love the sleeves on that one. Just maybe, if I can ever get the urge to pick up a needle again (not anytime soon).
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Evanesence

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May 3rd, 2004

11:25 am - Hmmm...interesting

I am the Anti-Seducer

Seducers draw you in by the focused, individualized attention they pay to you. Anti-seducers are the opposite: insecure, self-absorbed, and unable to grasp the psychology of another person, they literally repel. Anti-Seducers have no self-awareness, and never realise when they are pestering, imposing, talking too much. Root out anti-seductive qualities in yourself, and recognise them in others - there is no pleasure or profit in dealing with the Anti-Seducer.

Symbol: The Crab. In a harsh world, the crab survives by its hardened shell, by the threat of its pincers and by burrowing into the sand. No one dares get too close. But the Crab cannot surprise ists enemy and has little mobility. Its defensive strength is its supreme limitation.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by polite_society

Yup, that's me all right. Down to a T. Oh well, I am very comfortable being a singleton and any guy who can see past the anti-seducer deserves a good deal of kudos. Other than that, I have now given up on the male population (for now).
Current Mood: pensivepensive

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April 14th, 2004

07:38 am - Wahoo! Spring break!
I am currently typing this from my sister's DSL connected computer (go DSL! Praise it with many praise! Piracy galore! Opps, did I say that out loud?). I have decided to stay with her this week for a college experience. That means visiting the campus and following my sister to her extremely boring classes. *unenthusiastic* yay.... But...I get to go shopping at the shopping places there. *happy* Yay! Cheap stuff! And there is no family, no homework, and the best of all, no screaming nephew! *jumps for joy*

But that's besides the point. The other thing (LOTR related) is that I'm done assemblying my Eowyn dress! Yay! And I would just like the curse the stupid sewing machine for constantly trying to ruin my dress (stupid piece of...). I do not know how many hours of constant pain and cursing I endured but I am victorious! I have conquered the annoying sewing machine. Hah! Take that! And my sister's boyfriend says it looks like a wedding dress. But what does he know? Now, I have to buy trim and start embroidering the neck and assembling the belt. That shouldn't be too bad! Wish me luck and hope I don't kill myself doing it! *blows kisses* I'm going to go eat my chocolate now...
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Cold Mountain OST (yay piracy!)

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March 25th, 2004

10:27 am - Damn those of the male gender (no offense to the males of the PPC board)
I am now denouncing all members of the male population (save for a select few). I don’t know why the make the prospect of a relationship so hard. I mean really, it’s so simple, if you like a girl and she likes you, then you ask her out. Then shouldn’t you be happy that she likes you? And why must we always fall for the wrong kind, the ones that don’t give us anything more than a good afternoon? Why is it so hard to find a nice person to hug and cuddle with and all that good crap. If you are wondering why I am rambling like a maniac, continue to read.Collapse )
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: Sarah McLachlan - Gloomy Sunday

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March 17th, 2004

11:34 am - *sighs in relaxation*
It's over, it's finally over! I am done with speech class for this year! *jumps up and down* On Saturday, my school hosted the State Qualifier and whoever places in the top four at this tournament in any event goes to the State Tournament up north. I didn't compete but I had to work, being treasurer and all. So I find myself selling food, giving change, and running back and forth to get more change. And eating next to nothing on both days. Amazing how a donut in the morning can help in the afternoon, seeing how I started at 7 AM and didn't eat lunch until 1 PM. And while selling food, my friend and watched FOTR:EE and TTT:EE. That kept me sane all day. So now, have one less responsibility to worry about and now have to focus on stupid community service because I need to get into a stupid University. Oh well, no more speech! *jumps*
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Princess Mononoke soundtrack (damn you Sara)

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